Posted on March 21, 2016 by Lauri Klein in Thoughts, Reflections & Inspiration.


    It is lovely outside my window on this first day of Spring. The trees and fence are draped in a 3 inch coating of snow !

    When I teach, I often use weather as a metaphor for life.  We sometimes have to weather storms and droughts as we move through our days. Losses and disappointments abound; a broken furnace, car repair, tension with a family member or friend, illness and death. We have to face them all. Sprinkled in between  joys; a birth, a beautiful sunset, a gift, a surprise visit or e mail or the first crocus of Spring.

    This is the magic of life and the beauty of mindfulness practice. We  have a tendency to allow events rule our moods. It is difficult not to, but with training, we can hold ourselves with compassion and loving-kindness in the midst of the challenging moments.  We can soften towards the fear, sadness and worry and have a new relationship to them.

    We can, also relish the good moments, lean into them as well and feel the difference in our bodies. We can savor the tingling or calm sensations that accompany good things. In this way we can nurture and feed the seeds of happiness.

    How is your day going?  Notice, pay attention!  You may find that the weather is just fine as it is. You can experience the constant changing of your internal weather and see how it is to be human. You can become a friendly and understanding guide and teacher for yourself if you practice. You can be filled and satisfied no matter what the day contains.

    Wishing you ease and well being as we move into the warmer season                                    and throughout all of your days.



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