• Seeing Clearly

    Posted on June 10, 2016 by Lauri Klein in Thoughts, Reflections & Inspiration.

    Version 2

    I  went on retreat in Sedona last month, a beautiful setting for meditation, yoga and inspiration.

    This poem came out of an experience of noticing  the miracle of mindfulness, of paying attention to my experience of a difficult emotion arising and the change that occurred when I was able to move my attention. The sequence went something like this:

    A challenging emotional state arises.  I am sad and disappointed in a friend which triggers an old childhood wound. I am uncomfortable and want to push it away. Instead, I allow it, explore it and open to it with friendly curiosity. I turn my attention to the sensations in the body that accompany the emotional tone. It eventually begins to release it’s grasp and I turn my attention elsewhere. The result is a change in my entire state. Head, heart and body relax. I notice and allow this new  more pleasant mood until the next moment, when some other awareness is shows up.


    How often have you felt unseen, unheard,

    So alone that you thought your heart would break ?

    Can you notice, now, the resilience of your sprit?

    By the simple act of shifting your attention, the heart begins to sing.

    Wake up !  You have all you need.

    Turn away from the ever repeating thoughts of unworthiness.

    Turn toward the textured reflections of clouds and reeds in the creek.

    Follow the mother mallard with her chicks, gliding through the sunlight on the water.

    Perhaps seeing, rather than being seen, is the path to love.


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