• Launching the Site

    Posted on September 4, 2014 by Lauri Klein in Thoughts, Reflections & Inspiration.

    heart leaf sized 2I am finally ready after many hours of working to make a web site that  truly reflects the  content and tone of  Mindfulness Programs.

    With the loving assistance of my dear cousin I can now launch The Path to Mindful Living’s new site. Thank you Jody !

    I recently completed teaching a Mindful Self Compassion Program and the feedback was wonderful. Hearts opening and  clear seeing happening right before my eyes. I am  so blessed to have the training so that I can continue to influence lives in a positive direction.

    This is an exciting time in the world and in the community of mindfulness education.  I look forward to many years  of teaching and blogging here, sharing insights and inspiring stories,  observations, poetry and just  plain jottings.

    For those of you who have attended programs….

    Keep practicing !


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