MBSR The Path to Mindful Living

Learn to access the wisdom of your mind and body.
Learn to respond instead of reacting.
Cultivate compassion and self acceptance.

The Path to Mindful Living offers a variety of programs and workshops through which you can learn tools and techniques to guide you towards a more balanced life.

All of the programs are based on the clinically researched Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction program or "MBSR" taught at U Mass Medical Center in Worcester, Massachusetts. The instructor, Lauri Klein, LICSW has been teaching mindfulness based classes and workshops since 2003 and brings her own unique approach to MBSR.

Mindfulness means paying attention, without judgment to what is happening in the present moment. Through mindful meditation and other mindful practices you can become empowered to take charge of your life. You can consciously work with your own stress, pain or illness and face the challenges and demands of everyday living from a calmer and more peaceful place.

Enter the site/use the menu bar to learn more about MBSR and programs to address divorce, anxiety, menopausal symptoms and addiction as well as a program for classroom teachers.

Lauri is also available to conduct on site mindfulness based programs, seminars or workshops tailored the needs of your organization or place of business.

For more information call: 781-740-9044
or e-mail: info@mindful-path.com

Lauri J. Klein, LICSW   210 Whiting Street, Suite #3   Hingham, MA 02043